Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Tragedy of Mallala Yousafzai

The barbaric act against Malala Yusufzai is just another unfortunate situation where the savages have demonstrated their true quantities. By now we should be able to distinguish normal human behavior from that of savages. I hope and pray for the day when the press and media will realize that whenever the actions of savages are described using words that associate them with a religious ideology, in this case Islam, it is in fact reinforcing their evil agenda and their the cause. The Taliban has claimed responsibility for this evil act. "Taliban" is derived from the Arabic word meaning student. It is normally accepted that a student is one acquiring knowledge for the sake of bettering oneself, one's community, or one's cause. In the same manner you can have one acquiring knowledge for the sake of evil, destruction and creating mayhem. In this case the Taliban belongs to the latter and should not be associated with Islam. Their ideology, if this term can be used, of these groups is savagery and barbarism. As such it will be appropriate and correct whenever actions by such groups are being reported, Islam should not the associated with them. They should be referred to with terminology indicative of their actions and intentions.

The rules regulations, principles and laws of Islam are contained in the holy Koran, the message brought to mankind by the prophet Mohammed, and the messages of other previous prophets of God, Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus (EESA), Peace and Blessings be upon them all, and others not mentioned.

A clear distinction must be made between customs, traditions, political rulings, tribal edicts and rules instituted in communities to serve a particular agenda or purpose and the teachings, laws and principle of a particular religion. It is unfortunate that in the case of places where there are predominantly Muslim populations these customs, traditions, political rulings, tribal edicts have become associated with Islam. 

In Islam, the woman enjoys equal rights to that of a man.
  • One of the first educators in Islam was a woman, Ayesha, wife of the Prophet.
  • Khadija was a business owner and employer of the Prophet Muhammad.
  • Women can own property.
  • A woman can choose her husband.

By applying the normal principles of languages, words are descriptive of of the object to which we are referring. Muslims believe that Almighty God (Allah) named the religion brought to mankind, through the ages, by Prophet Mohammed, Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus (EESA), Peace and Blessings be upon them all, and others not mentioned, Islam and they and their followers, Muslims.

The meaning of Islam is Peace and a Muslim is one who submits to the Will of Almighty God (Allah). Everyone, Muslim or otherwise and especially the press and media must be able to determine when to associate the words Muslim and Islam with persons or acts. If it was not clear before, then it should be abundantly clear now. In the same manner we should not associate barbaric, savage and evil acts with the teachings of Jesus (Essa), David (Daud), Moses (Musa), Abraham (Ibrahim) and other Blessed messengers of Almighty God.

Again I appeal to the press and media. Do not affix positive labels to the evil ones. Do not propagate their evil agendas by associating them with peace (Islam). Call them what they are in your reporting and describe their acts accordingly. When you start doing this we will begin to defeat them and they will begin to lose their efficacy.

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